A New Project

So now I’m giving the Lance Turner blog a try. After jacking with the old site for a few years, and have been given the keys to not one but two blogs on our Arkansasbusiness.com site, I figure this will be a good change of pace. It’ll be a little more personal (as you can see from the first post), but it could veer into stuff about publishing, technology, music, newspapers and business. Basically, it’s whatever I feel like.

We’ll ramp up the photos, too. There’s my Flickr and TextAmerica feeds at right, which I’ll update from wherever, whenever. There might even be some this weekend, as Laura and I drive to Simsboro, La., for a wedding. A buddy of mine is finally getting hitched, and I guess Laura and I will be there to take notes (!) and, of course, show support. I’m a groomsman.

It’s a small town. I know this because when I go to Google Maps to find directions, the satellite view doesn’t allow the detailed zooming that other, bigger cities get. That appears to be the new threshold for what constitutes a big city nowadays — whether Google Maps can see in your window.

So there you have it! We’ll see you from the road!


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