Play PacMan Better

Wanna play PacMan better? Sure you do! Use this handy guide:

I will go further into this in the techniques section, but basically Pac-Man is more than just guiding a yellow blob through a maze. It requires cornering skills and timing. Everyone has their own personal timing which is why it won’t help you much to just copy someone else’s patterns. You can take bits of other people’s patterns or follow advice, learn techniques and fakes, but because the ghosts’ behaviour changes if your timing is just tenths of a second off during the level it is far better to develop your own patterns and escape routes, based upon the building blocks of successful patterns….or follow this guide 🙂

MameWorld – The biggest MAME resource on the net!

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  1. Great OA story on the first guy to play a perfect PacMan game, besting 256 levels. Get this, the guy actually seems pretty normal.

    Written by Arkansas writer David Ramsey.

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