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R.I.P., My 30GB iPod

My 4th generation 30GB iPod is dead, it’s hard drive busted after being dropped. I had it for a year and a half. It will be missed.

I have to say I’m a little peeved that a minor fall rendered this almost $300 device useless. I’d even bought a silicon case for it, but that obviously didn’t help. At any rate, Steve Jobs and co. need to work on this major flaw. Of course, had I owned one of the flash-drive nanos, this wouldn’t have happened.

On the bright side, it’s the holidays, and a good excuse to possibly upgrade to the video-capable iPod, which cost as much now as the video-less unit above did when it originally bought it. Or maybe it’s time to wait until next year, when the rumored widescreen version finally pops.

Meanwhile, maybe a nano or a new shuffle will do. And I’ll have a big swig of Apple kool-aid to drink with it, as well …

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Viral Marketing Mutates, Infects GM Campaign

The folks at GM had an idea for their next ad campaign that was just so crazy that it might work.

It didn’t. From this month’s Wired:

Chevy decided to chuck all that and invite people to post their own commercial messages about America’s best-selling SUV online, where the ads would be free to migrate to YouTube or anywhere else. Chevy supplied the video clips and music; users could then mix and match the material and add their own captions.The contest ran for four weeks and drew more than 30,000 entries, the vast majority of which faithfully touted the vehicle’s many selling points – its fully retractable seats, its power-lift gates, its relative fuel economy. But then there were the rogue entries, the ones that subverted the Tahoe message with references to global warming, social irresponsibility, war in Iraq, and the psychosexual connotations of extremely large cars. One contestant, a 27-year-old Web strategist from Washington, DC, posted an offering called “Enjoy the Longer Summers!” which blamed the Tahoe for heat-trapping gasses and melting polar ice caps. An entry called “How Big Is Yours” declared, “Ours is really big! Watch us f**ck America with it.”

Of course, it was those racy, decidely anti-Tahoe ads that stuck. You can see a plethora of them, including the one above, at YouTube here.

A revolution indeed.

Wired 14.12: Commercial Break

More AB on THV

Another appearance Time for another edition of “Arkansas Business on THV.” In this thrilling episode, we play camera roulette and try not to flip over the railing near the plasma TV. Hang on to your hats.

Arkansas Business on THV: Dealers to Deal? []
Arkansas Business on THV: Dealers to Deal? [KTHV]

Scheer: Newspapers should keep content off web

Peter Scheer, executive director of the California First Amendment Coalition, says newspapers are hurting themselves by putting free content online and that, to survive, they should “embargo their news content from the free Internet for a brief period — say, 24 hours — after it is made available to paying customers.”

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