This Might Be the Last Time

…they let me on.

I played TV talking ahead again last night on KTHV-TV, Channel 11, this time to hold forth on the all-but-certain sale of Alltel Corp. of Little Rock. You can see the KTHV summary and video of the appearance here.

I won’t be watching. It’s cringeworthy television. After a brief answer to Liz Massey’s question, I forgot to pitch back to her, leaving too much video and zero audio. And, to top it off, I got nervious and almost read Liz’s next question to me off the TelePrompTer. Exactly what my producer told me not to do.

After that gaffe, I sped through the rest of the copy, just trying to get it over with. At that point, I wasn’t reading for inflection or emphasis, just reciting the words and phrases I saw on the screen. This, despite the producer’s goal that I ad-lib as much as possibly, thereby making the interview seem more natural, conversational. It didn’t.

Again, I’ll note that while it’s one thing to sit at home and make fun of every little mistake a news anchor or reporter makes on-air, it’s entirely something else to be the one in front of the camera, all eyes on you, live TV. I’ve certainly been more forgiving of TV news folk since I’ve gotten a taste of their job.


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