Goes Live

Finally, after hundreds of hours of planning and development, we’ve launched, a new daily sports news and commentary Web site.

The site, edited by Jim Harris, represents our first foray into sports reporting. And this time, we’ve inverted the pyramid, essentially turned the traditional print/Web publishing model on its head. Instead of publishing a print piece that drive a Web site, we’ve published a Web site that will drive a monthly print piece.

We’ll publish news stories to the site first; blog other sports coverage; critique sports media; and, most importantly, ask readers for comments. Readers will contribute to the effort by sharing opinions and submitting photos, informing the monthly print piece in a way not other print/Web partnership has. It’s a cool experiment that we look forward to conducting.

While the site launched today, we’ll continue to make changes and tweaks and roll out functionality in the weeks ahead. It’s been a long process so for, but it’s been fun. And we hope Arkansas sports fan will love it.


Another Appearance on ‘Arkansas Week’

My second appearance on the show is online now (WMV). We talked more economic development (the fiberglass windmill blade plant coming to Little Rock), the problems in the Little Rock School District, a glimmer of hope in Arkansas student test scores, the war in Iraq and Windell Griffen.

Panelists were myself, Ann Clemmer and Larry Fugate.

My debut is still up here (WMV).

So far, I don’t think I’ve embarrassed myself too much.

Now Exporting to Facebook

Time to get some things going again around here. After a hiatus, we hope to return to blogging here. And using a cool Facebook app, we’re simulcasting on my Facebook page.

So here we go.