The Onion, MySpace Form Partnership

The Onion says it’s formed a content sharing partnership with MySpace:

Expect an onslaught of emo jokes: Satire publication The Onion will be providing audio, video, and print content to social-networking site MySpace through a partnership announced on Tuesday night. There is now a branded Onion page on MySpace, with article and blog content as well as audio podcasts; additionally, content from the publication’s online video hub, the Onion News Network, is now available on the MySpaceTV portal.

The press release issued by the New York-based Onion (a full version is posted at the Silicon Alley Insider) is naturally tongue-in-cheek. “The news business is like the tobacco business: you want to reach new readers at as young and impressionable an age as possible,” Sean Mills, president of The Onion, is quoted as saying. “MySpace was, of course, a natural partner in that regard.”

We would have thought, given this piece of reporting, that Facebook might be a better partner for The Onion.


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