The Little Rock Tornadoes on Flickr, Youtube

Last week’s tornadoes ripped through central Arkansas, leaving tons of damage. While police and repair groups are still asking that folks not sight-see the damage, you can still get a pretty good idea of what happened via photo- and video-sharing services such as YouTube and Flickr:

Flickr sets:

2008 Tornado by DWQ

Hidden Creek Tornado by SandiD80

Photos from Thomas23

Tornado 4/3/08 by Bearography

Tornado Damage by

Tornado photos from campglass71

YouTube videos:

Tornado – Greenwood & Audubon and Cammack Village by nogreenmowers

Little Rock Tornado April 3, 2008 by supercellinga

Tornado hits Little Rock, Arkansas – 4/3/08 by cryptaniteATL

Tornado damage, April 2008, Little Rock, Arkansas by nogreenmowers

Little Rock Tornados, Baker Park, Cammack Village by nogreenmowers

All this of course is another example of how quickly the Web can respond to events with compelling user-generated content.

Oh — here’s a Wikipedia page on the tornadoes. A first draft of history.


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