Chris Bahn – Time to Take the Credit

At the beginning of the NCAA Basketball Tournament, our Northwest Arkansas Sports Editor Chris Bahn was a little gun shy about making his picks. He thought he had about as much business picking the tournament winner as his beagle, Hoops.

Well maybe Bahn does know a thing or two. He picked the Kansas Jayhawks to go all the way:

2008 National Champ: Kansas. Granted, we’ve thought the Jayhawks were hot before only to watch them flame out, but this team is rolling right now. Peaking at the right time is crucial to a tournament run and the Jayhawks look like they might be doing just that. They’ve won seven in a row by an average of 17.7 points. Coach Bill Self has been to the Elite Eight with Tulsa, Illinois and Kansas. This is the year he adds to that resume and all the recruiting he’s done in Lawrence pays off.

Last night’s win puts Kansas in our Penthouse. I think Bahn – and Hoops – deserves a slot there, as well.

More: Patience Pays Off for Jayhawks in NCAA Title Game

And: Memphis, who just couldn’t get it done.


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