Flickr Does Video

The word is out. Photo-sharing site Flickr finally announces video. Place 90-sec video clips into your Flickrstream, right there alongside your stills. For Pro members only.

You can already check out the new Flickr vids as they begin trickling in. Check the videos group here.

As you can see below, the videos are very Vimeo-esque in terms of look and feel. (And yes, WordPress can handle the Flickr embeds. Click here for instructions.)


Video on Flickr! « Flickr Blog

Flickr Launches Video, Increases Photo Upload Size (Thomas Hawk)

Flickr Video Launches – A Unique Experience (TechCrunch)

Yahoo Extends Flickr with Video

Valleywag on Flickr Video: What About Yahoo Video?


One Response

  1. Very disappointed 😦 I was expecting HD videos.

    Have a look at ipernity
    A flickr-like service where you can share photos videos and even music.

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