Clinton-Obama: Tim Russert Says It’s Over

As noted on Drudge this morning, Tim Russert, on MSNBC last night, says it’s clear Barack Obama will be the Democratic nominee:


Options dwindle for Clinton (Adam Nagourney, New York Times)

John Harwood: Nothing has fundamentally changed in this race (Video)

Obama takes decisive step toward nomination (Ben Smith at Politico)

Clinton might “need Disneyland to win,” according to Indy Star

McClatchy analysis: Obama aides predict he’ll win a majority of the pledged delegates this month

Behold Blake Rutherford’s epic election night live-blog


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the mention and for the “epic” depiction. It was an interesting night. The nexyt few weeks should be even more interesing.

  2. next and interesting . . .I need an editor.

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