Thoughts on ‘The Myth of Free News’

More to chew on re: news and the Internet, from an article this week from The Century Foundation:

One of the most persistent explanations for journalism’s present financial troubles is that consumers no longer have to pay for news. The notion that everything these days is “free” on the Web is an article of faith—which happens to be wrong. Listening to a prominent newspaper editor make the “free” point the other day to a group of mostly nodding (and eminent) figures in the media world, I realized that a cri de coeur (an impassioned outcry of protest) is increasingly necessary. There is a great deal of money being generated by the transmission of news, but very little of it is going to the providers of that news, which is no longer tolerable. News is no more free these days than the “complementary” bag of pretzels you get on a plane, after you’ve paid for the ticket.

News ain’t free. More here.


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