Weekend Storms Rock Stuttgart

On Sunday, I drove down to Stuttgart to help my sister and brother-in-law clean up after a tornado ripped through their neighborhood.

Fortunately, the only damage done was a downed tree that split in two and fell harmlessly in the back yard. No fences destroyed, no roof demolished. The electrical service was ripped from the house. They were far luckier than many of their neighbors.

You can see a map of the neighborhood here. On my quick drive into and out of the area, it seemed to me that closer you were to 22nd Street, the worse shape you were likely to be in.

In the residential area, it seemed much of the damage was due to the tornado pulling down trees. Many don’t believe the tornado actually touched down until it was somewhere east of the neighborhood, when it destroyed many homes and businesses.

The clean up continues today. My sister tells me that their church (First Baptist, which lost its steeple) has formed a qroup of volunteers to help others clear the damage. There’s still lots of work to do.


Photos on Flickr here.

Associated Press: Twister left ‘weirdest’ damage in Stuttgart

KTHV: Clean up begins (includes video)


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  1. Glad everyone is OK. We were camping at Petit Jean on Saturday while the tornado hit the Official Birth Place of Jon.

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