It’s Got the Hottest Show on TV, and It’s Dying

That would be The CW, home to “Gossip Girl,” the much buzzed-about teen drama that’s got the kids all worked up. Problem is, they don’t really watch the show on TV all that much, according to Gawker’s take on a Wall Street Journal piece:

The CW network, home to teen drama Gossip Girl, may be closed next year thanks to you, a Web-surfing pop culture consumer, possibly between the ages of 18 and 34. If you actually sat and watched network television at the appointed time instead of flitting around the mediascape like a monkey, streaming things here and TiVOing things there, maybe the network could actually get some Nielsen ratings for its shows. Instead, ratings are down 28 percent among 18 to 34 year olds so far this year. Other networks’ ratings are down in the wake of the writers’ strike, but apparently things are worse at CW, because according to the Wall Street Journal, “the network’s hopes of surviving are looking increasingly bleak,” and at least one of the CW’s owners, CBS and Time Warner, may abandon the network next year if ratings don’t improve. And it’s hard to see how they will …

You’ll remember that, for awhile, the CW was making “Gossip Girl” eps available on the Web. And while Web viewership was doing well, TV viewership lagged. So the network pulled the plug on online broadcasts. And guess what? TV viewership still sucks!

What a confusing new world the nets find themselves in.


2 Responses

  1. A few weeks back, New York magazine declared it the best show on television.

  2. remember what many of you had to say when McDonnel, and Christie tried – you thought because you had an overwhelming democratic house, etc and pres that these two might as well not spend their money well? and about that Dodd, Dorgan deal

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