Publisher Quits at LA Times; Chicago Tribune Editor Resigns

A bad day for the Tribune Co., owner of the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune.

First, Times Publisher David Hiller resigns:

Los Angeles Times Publisher David Hiller resigned today after a 21-month tenure that included the departure of two Times editors and plans for the sharpest staff and production cuts in the newspaper’s history amid a continuing slide in advertising revenue.

And Chicago Tribune Editor Ann Marie Lipinski pulls up stakes:

“[The] decision was difficult and a long time coming and it would be inaccurate to attribute it to any one event,” Lipinski, 52, who joined the paper as an intern in 1978 and was named the 161-year-old newspaper’s 20th editor in 2001, wrote in her memo.

“I began my editorship seven months before 9/11 and in the seven years since have become accustomed and even comfortable with editing and managing through crisis and change,” she wrote. “But professionally, this position is not the fit it once was. Personally, my family and I believe it is time.”

Both resignations come as the Tribune company, faced with decline advertising dollars, cuts newsroom staff and the number of pages printed.


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