With Key Coaches in Place, Arkansas State Ready to Howl

Arkansas State University got the Little Rock alumni fired up last week, bringing down its football coach, Steve Roberts, and its new men’s basketball coach, former LSU coach John Brady, into town to meet fans and play a round of golf at Pleasant Valley Country Club.

I graduated from ASU in 1999. I wouldn’t describe myself as a rabid university sports fan, but I’m always interested in what’s going on at ASU, and I’m excited for both teams as they begin new seasons this year.

For many reasons, it’s a pivotal year for ASU, perched permanently in the shadow of that other university in Arkansas (and, these days, even that other other university in Arkansas). There’s Brady, who led his previous team to a 2006 Final Four appearance, and there’s the new mascot, the Red Wolves. For a university that’s worked to establish a unique identity and tradition, 2008 is a bittersweet year that finds it starting over once again.

Also starting over: The unofficial ASU athletics fan site, formerly Tribal Grounds, now called The Den. You can check it out here and in the Blogroll in the right rail. It’s a great redesign, with a blog, message board — even Twitter tweets — to keep you in the loop on ASU sports. It’s an exciting place to rally ’round the Wolves.

After the jump, a pair of videos shot by ArkansasSports360.com Editor Jim Harris, who talked to Roberts and Brady at the PVCC alumni event last week. And you can keep with ArkansasSports360.com‘s ASU coverage via the ASU page and RSS feed, available here.

In this clip, Harris talks to Brady, who gets a kick out of my Flip Ultra video camera Harris borrowed to shoot the interviews.

Here, Harris talks to Roberts about what to expect in 2008.


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