On ArkansasBusiness.com: Bill Gwatney Shot at Arkansas Democratic Party HQ

Update III: All our continuing coverage of the Gwatney shooting is available here on ArkansasBusiness.com at ArkansasBusiness.com/Bill-Gwatney.

Update II: Police identify the suspect as Timothy Dale Johnson. More here.

Update: Sadly, Gwatney has died. More on his life in business and politics here.


On ArkansasBusiness.com — and everywhere else in Arkansas — right now: Arkansas Democratic Party Chairman and former state Senator Bill Gwatney of Jacksonville has been shot at the party’s headquarters, according to reports. After a car chase to Sheridan, the alleged gunman was shot by police and later died.

Much more from ArkansasBusiness.com here and on KTHV-TV, Channel 11. I’m Twittering what tidbits I get here.

Arkansas Times updates here.


2 Responses

  1. There should be security tightened by the police to avoid like these kind of problems. The security would have been in alert stage in and around Gwatney.

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  2. […] online. All local TV stations and two print publications reported seeing traffic spikes on the day Arkansas Democratic Party Chairman Bill Gwatney was shot — showing the very real presence of a substantial online news […]

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