More on the Democrat-Gazette Salary Freeze and Niche Publishing

Arkansas Business media columnist Mark Hengel has a little more on last week’s word that the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, feeling the same pinch newspapers across the country are feeling, had stopped hiring new employees and put a freeze on salaries.

He also notes the cost-cutting steps that Gannett took last week, laying off 1,000 employees from the newspaper side, and contrasts them with what the Democrat-Gazette has done so far.

Also: Jeff Hankins, Arkansas Business Publishing Group’s president and publisher (and my boss), takes issue with the Democrat-Gazette’s assertion that advertising in all media is down, and counts the ways our niche publishing company is seeing year-over-year revenue increases among its print publications and Web sites.

Hengel also checks in with Alan Leveritt, publisher of the Arkansas Times, to see about the health of Leveritt’s AutoBuyer weekly magazine. How’s AutoBuyer doing as auto retailers have drastically cut back advertising? Leveritt says its having a record year.

So how has the publication that only prints cars ads cashed in while newspapers have been hard hit?

“The only reason people are going to pick up Auto Buyer is because they want to buy a car,” Leveritt said.

Auto Buyer offers full-page ads in the publication for less than $600, Leveritt said, and he hypothesized that car dealerships advertise with the mag because it offers the targeted market dealers are seeking.

“There’s very little waste,” Leveritt said.

More on AutoBuyer here, and more on the Democrat-Gazette and APBG’s niche publications here.


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  1. […] the Democrat-Gazette has been making some money-saving moves, announcing last week that it would freeze salaries and hiring. This will likely save some printing […]

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