Democrat-Gazette to End ‘Business Matters’ Section

The northwest Arkansas edition of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette announced today that it will end publication of its weekly Business Matters section, founded in 1997.

You can see a copy of the daily’s announcement at right. I couldn’t find a version of it online. Meanwhile, Arkansas Business media reporter Mark Hengel reports more here.

In the article, the paper says content from Business Matters will be folded into an expanded Sunday business news section. No word on any repercussions the move might have on staffing. There was really no real reason given for shutting it down.

But given the recent look of Business Matters, you can guess why. At its height, it wasn’t uncommon for the section to run 48 pages. Lately, however, the section has run pretty thin. Recent editions have been about 12 pages long.

Meanwhile, the Democrat-Gazette has been making some money-saving moves, announcing last week that it would freeze salaries and hiring. Ending Business Matters will likely save some printing costs, but most of the value probably comes from not having to worry about producing a separate business product anymore.

Business Matters came along in 1997, as did Arkansas Business Publishing Group‘s Northwest Arkansas Business Journal, an every-other-week business newspaper that continues to publish. ABPG now has a minority stake in the Business Journal; Gray Matters, a company led by Darin Gray, now controls the lion’s share. Arkansas Business and the Northwest Arkansas Business Journal also continue to share news in print and online.


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  1. […] of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, put its weekly stand-alone business section, Business Matters, out to pasture: Beginning Sept. 3, the daily business section will move to Section B of the paper. That section […]

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