Valleywag: How Newspapers Botched the Web

Snarky Silicon Valley gossiper Valleywag enters newspapers’ online hall of shame today, noting five major misfires by big dailies as they struggled to compete with emerging technology. Anyone remember Viewtron? New Century Networks?

Curiously left out: the CueCat. We actually had a demo of the ‘Cat in our Arkansas Business offices circa ’99. We knew even then that cat had no claws.

So why all these consistent, half-baked, hamfisted ideas that never pan out? The ‘Wag has a theory:

Daily deadlines did in the newspaper industry. The pressure of getting to press, the long-practiced art of doom-and-gloom headline writing, the flinchiness of easily spooked editors all made it impossible for ink-stained wretches to look farther into the future than the next edition.

More here.

Also: Capitalism is to blame, too. Who knew? [Gawker]


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