Mark Elrod at the Democratic National Convention: On Hillary, on Faith

As noted a day or two ago, Harding University political science professor Mark Elrod is in Denver this week filing reports for You can read his first two posts here and here.

In his first post, Elrod talks about what Hillary Clinton and what she’ll need to do at this convention and beyond to rally the troups behind Barack Obama, and he leaves on a note about the future of the party:

In making that pitch to her supporters, the dilemma for Hillary Clinton is that she has to sincerely and convincingly rally her troops to get behind Obama. Anything less would be seen by the Democratic base as a sell-out designed to promote her own interests above of those of the party and will probably doom her chances of ever being elected president.

My guess is that Senator Clinton will make the speech and then hit the trail hard for Obama in swing states, particularly with white, working-class voters. It would be helpful to Obama for Bill Clinton to do the same thing but there’s no guarantee that will happen.

Most Democrats realize that there will inevitably come a time when Bill and Hillary Clinton won’t suck the air out of a room when they step into it and will cease to be the center of the Democratic Party universe.

That time certainly won’t come before Tuesday night, but it has to come before Wednesday morning if the Democrats hope to make victory in November a reality.

Elrod’s second post deals with how the Democrats are dealing with faith issues. Elrod attended the Sunday interfaith meeting in Denver, just before the convention official begins today.

Also: I talked with KTHV-TV, Channel 11’s Alyson Courtney early this morning about Obama and his new running mate, Joe Biden. You can see video of the segment here.

Much More

Blake Rutherford updates Day One of the convention here.


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