Aaron Sadler Blogs the Democratic National Convention

I’ve noted two bloggers who are covering the Democratic National Convention, but didn’t realize until today that my fellow ASU journalism department graduate Aaron Sadler, now covering national politics for the Stephens Media Group, is blogging his coverage of the big event in Denver.

You can check it out here. Among today’s posts: the Arkansas Delegation’s reaction to last night’s speech by Michelle Obama:

Arkansas delegates were still raving about Monday night’s Michelle Obama’s speech as the delegation gathered this morning.

Arkansans said Barack Obama’s wife effectively portrayed herself as a parent and wife who relates to hard-working American families.

“Michelle definitely eased my mind,” said delegate Thurman Metcalf of Rogers. “She made me feel like she was one of us, a normal person, by her showing the love of her parents and the love for her kids and her husband. It would have been like us sitting in her room talking to her like a family member. I love her.”

And speaking of Arkansans and politics, here’s a fun item I picked up from The Arkansas Project: It’s former Arkansas Young Republicans Chair Leslie Rutledge appearing on Fox News, talking about Barack Obama’s running mate choice, Joe Biden.

We roll tape after the jump.


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