Covering the Lu Hardin Board of Trustees Meeting

Update: UCA President Lu Hardin will resign next month.

On Thursday, Hardin said he “deeply” regretted not handling the compensation situation better and hopes his stepping down will allow the university to heal. But he said the cancer in his right eye, for which he had an operation earlier this month, played the major role in his decision to step down.

“Hopefully this will allow the University of Central Arkansas to go through a similar and simultaneously healing process,” he said. “Certainly that weighs into my decision.”

Voting publicly Thursday, the board approved a contract buyout that includes $670,000 to be paid to Hardin with public funds from the trustees’ discretionary fund, plus an additional $47,570 to be paid by the UCA Foundation.

Original post: has a reporter covering the University of Central Arkansas board of trustees meeting about the future of UCA President Lu Hardin. You can view the continually updated story here.

I’ll try to provide updates via Twitter as I can. But my noon TV schedule will make that a little tricky for the next hour or so.


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