Now the Morning News Changes its Business Section

Yeah Max, we missed this one, too. Stephens Media Group-owned Morning News in northwest Arkansas is making changes to its business coverage, just a few days after its competitor, the regional edition of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, put its weekly stand-alone business section, Business Matters, out to pasture:

Beginning Sept. 3, the daily business section will move to Section B of the paper. That section will also include national and international news and the daily weather map. The daily feature sections, formerly Section E, will become the D Section.

This, of course, means no more stand-alone business section. Also: the paper cuts two newsroom positions, reassigned some editorial staff, and combines two Sunday feature sections, Living and Our Town. The moves cut “four to six pages a day from the paper and require fewer press runs.”

Newsprint prices are at an all time high, and the change will help The Morning News control expenses, according to Tom Stallbaumer, publisher.

“These are challenging economic times for all businesses and The Morning News is no exception,” Stallbaumer said. “These changes will have some impact on our daily product, but we’re committed to using our resources to keep producing the best newspaper available in Northwest Arkansas.”

Fortunately, there’s still a business journal in northwest Arkansas to take up the slack.



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  1. […] to combine sections in an effort to save production costs (Arkansas’ own Morning News made a similar move recently). The Gray Lady says: The Metro report will become part of the newspaper’s A section, which also […]

  2. Im struggling to get a way to get in touch with you through your website, does one not have a contact form on the site in any way?

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