Northern Exposure: All About Sarah Palin

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, as seen in a screenshot from a gallery about her on the Web site of the Anchorage Daily News. Palin, 44, was chosen as Republican presidential candidate John McCain’s running mate. She is in her first term as Alaska’s governor.

From the Anchorage Daily News: Alaska stunned, political world there split; Palin’s bio; ‘Troopergate’ inquiry lurks; Residents excited; Blog: How McCain chose Palin; The Joan of Arc of Alaska; Alaskans shocked

Two Alaska papers question her qualifications

Video: Palin’s selection speech

Arkansas reaction: Arkansas GOP (via AP); Arkansas GOP (via Stephens Media Group); Doug Thompson; John Brummett; Blake Rutherford; Arkansas Democrat-Gazette editorial; Jason Tolbert; The Arkansas Project; Max Brantley; StrangePup; Arkansas Week: Steve Barnes, Rob Moritz, LT (audio, MP4 video); Steve Harrelson: ‘This is starting to get fun.’; Red State Conservative; Arkansas Journal: ‘Babies, guns and Jesus!’

Google Trends says it all

Google Trends says it all

Google Trends for Aug. 29: She’s a hottie

Yahoo! Buzz: Scouring the Web for Sarah Palin

Huffington Post: The Sarah Palin page

Wall Street Journal: McCain’s surprise choice; a lure to women angry over Clinton

Valleywag: Someone made favorable edits to Palin’s Wikipedia page just before annoucement

MSNBC: Met with McCain only once

Bloomberg: Benefit — or bust

Time: 10 things to know about Palin; a Q&A with the candidate

Newsweek: Jonathan Alter: Why this pick will flop

Rush Limbaugh’s commentary during the McCain/Palin event

From Goldenfiddlr

From Goldenfiddlr

Washington Post: Ready to step in?

Politico: The story behind the selection; Dissing the veep job; A tough target to hit; Dems ready their attack

AP: McCain doubles-down on maverick, but undercuts his best attach on Obama

Goldenfiddlr: Bears!

Arizona Republic: A shocker

Power Line Blog: Talk about an outsider; Foreign policy experience nonexistent

Michelle Malkin: Rounds up praise, ‘very impressed’

Bill Kristol: Why the left is scared to death

Fred Barnes: Fighting for reform in Alaska

Camille Paglia: ‘I am reeling … Palin is as tough as nails.’

Salon: The epitome of tokenism; Playing the gender card from the bottom of the deck

New York Times: Palin and the women’s vote

CNBC video: Palin, before the nod

Defamer: Sarah Palin vs. Liz Lemon: Who’s the better veep?

Wonkette: The New McCain-Palin poster

A look at Wasilla, Alaska

Who Palin lost to in that 1984 Miss Alaska Pageant

Sarah Palin in Vogue

The Wikipedia page

The Alaska Governor’s Office

National Governor’s Association Bio

Palin for Governor site

Wasilla’s official site; Wikipedia page


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