Google Reader Helps You Keep Up with the Campaigns

I’ve been a fan of Google Reader for a couple of years now, as it helps me track hundreds of blogs and news sites easily every day. And one of Reader’s niftier features allows me to share links to some of the articles I’ve found interesting on my blog via the “Stuff I Read” feature in the left-hand rail. You can see all those articles and more on my Google “Shared Items” page here.

In time for the political season, Google has added another cool feature, “Power Readers in Politics.” On this page, you can read shared articles from both the Barack Obama and John McCain campaigns, as well as track what major political reporters and analysts are reading.

Among the journalists sharing their stories and others are Mark Halperin of Time, John Dickerson of Slate, Mike Allen of Politico and, of course, Arianna Huffington of the Huffington Post.

It’s a great starting point to survey the day’s political reporting. And with Reader, you can easily subscribe to each feed via RSS so you never miss a post. Highly recommended.


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