Gwen Moritz, Jeff Hankins On Sarah Palin

Last week was a godsend to columnists, who found much to write about in Sarah Palin, John McCain’s choice for the No. 2 slot on his GOP ticket. Arkansas Business Publisher Jeff Hankins and Editor Gwen Moritz both pontificate on Palin and the presidential race.

Hankins says, after considering the vice presidential choices of both McCain and Barack Obama, that this year’s race will be closer than he imagined. But:

Putting Palin on the ticket will strengthen McCain’s efforts to win over independents who have flocked to Obama, while Biden has zero impact on helping Obama retain them. The Palin family has to be one of the most normal, down-to-earth families ever placed on the national politic stage. I just don’t know that her down-to-earth connection with rural America can overcome the opposite McCain, who couldn’t say how many houses he owns and defines rich as having $5 million.

Moritz, meanwhile, considers Palin and her popularity among Christian conservatives, and whether the mother of five really needs to be running for vice president. But the Moritz also considers the job of vice president:

Maybe, it occurred to me, Palin had been offered the perfect job for a mom. If the family can just hump it till Nov. 4, they’re home free. She could set her own schedule; Dick Cheney doesn’t seem to be stretched too thin. She’d have plenty of staff to take care of the details. The Vice President’s Residence at the Naval Observatory is plenty big enough for the Palin clan; they could even bring the soon-to-be son-in-law and set up a second baby bed in the nursery.

More here.

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