What Would You Ask Sarah Palin?

ABC News’ Charles Gibson gets the first sit-down interview with Alaska Governor and GOP vice presidential nominee this week (first excerpts from the interview begin airing on ABC news shows Thursday). And while we doubt Gibson needs ideas about what to ask, plenty of folks on the ‘tubes have been listing what they would ask the Republican super-star if they were in his chair.

So Charlie, make your list. Then come back here if you think you’ve missed anything. And readers, feel free to suggest your own questions in comments.

Jack Shafer, Slate:

1) What Bush administration policy do you disagree with most, and what would you have done differently?

She’ll praise the president before damning his increased spending. To that answer Gibson should volley:

Then how much smaller would the McCain budget be and where precisely should he cut?

3) You’re running as a reformer, a crusader against the special interests and politics as usual. Setting aside for a moment Sen. Ted Stevens’ legal problems, should Alaska return to the Senate this Republican who has delivered more pork to his state than virtually any other elected official? Yes or no?

7) Were you for the bridge to nowhere before you were against it?

10) Your son is being sent to Iraq. What is he fighting for?

The Anchorage Daily News:

• Why have you reneged on your earlier pledge to cooperate with the Alaska Legislature’s investigation into Troopergate?

• In spring of 2004, the Daily News reported that you cited family considerations in deciding not to try for the U.S. Senate: “How could I be the team mom if I was a U.S. senator?” What was different this time as you decided to run for vice president?

• You have said victory is in sight in Iraq. In July 2007, when you visited Kuwait, you said, “I’m not going to judge the surge.” In the March 2007 issue of Alaska Business Monthly, you were asked about the surge and quoted saying:

“I’ve been so focused on state government, I haven’t really focused much on the war in Iraq. . . . While I support our president, Condoleezza Rice and the administration, I want to know that we have an exit plan in place.”

Define “victory” in Iraq? What is the exit plan?

More questions after the jump.

James Raney, Los Angeles Times:

* You have been skeptical that global warming is caused by humans. On what basis do you reject the scientific consensus that fossil fuels and human activity have contributed to climate change?

* You asked the librarian in your town about the policy for banning books. Are there books you think should be kept from the public?

* What’s at the root of the terrorist problem in Pakistan? And how would you make progress, which has eluded the Bush administration, in that dangerous country?

* Your opponents claim you and McCain would just extend the Bush administration for another four years. Cite three instances in which you have differed with the president.

Foreign Policy’s Passport blog:

In a broad and long-term sense, would you have responded differently to the attacks of 9/11?

How do you feel about French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s recent visit to Syria? Do you believe the United States should negotiate with leaders like President Bashar al-Assad?

Critique the foreign policy of the last administration. Name its single greatest success, and its most critical failure.

What are your picks for the three most enlightening books written on foreign policy in the last five years?

Which U.S. political thinkers, writers, and politicians would you enlist to advise you on matters of foreign policy and why?

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One Response

  1. If you and McCain win, what would your stance on a substantial troop increase for the fight in Afghanistan be?

    Would you be willing to carry the fight into Pakistan with ground troops?

    Do you think OBL is dead?

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