And Now, the Obligatory ‘I’ve Been So Busy’ Post

Yep, some of you might have noticed how behind I’ve been on my messaging. The first part of the week as been a busy one at the day job, what with all the economic collapses we’ve been watching. A swap in the KTHV schedule this week also has me feeling a little out of sorts. Sometimes, I’m really not sure what day it is, or whether I’m coming or going.

But hey: onward and upward. And until I finally get the ol’ link posts working again, here’s some of I’ve been reading when I have a minute or two:

Brave New World of Digital Intimacy [NY Times Magazine]

Drudge-ology 101 [Washington Post]

Media Career Insurance: Your Blog [Poynter]

They’ve Declared War on the Media – So It’s Time to Fight Back []

And yeah, I saw this, too. And this.


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