McCain-Obama in Oxford: What They’re Saying

The one thing you can say about the debate: it happened. No real fireworks, no clear winner. In a draw, who gets the bump?

In Arkansas

Blake Rutherford’s Twitter, on the debate – “I think Obama discussion of strategy is a smart one. I just wonder it anyone is still watching.” (Debate wrap here: No one wins.)

Max Brantley – “My view: A functional tie …” Obama “too deferential,” McCain “grumpy.”

Arkansas Journal: Obama’s inexperience “front and center.”

Tim Griffin’s roundup


Washington Post: Video, analysis, transcript, more

Real Clear Politics: Video ClipsTranscriptPollsEditorials

Roger Simon, Politico: The Mac is back: “One of his strongest debate performances ever.”

George Will (video): Not a game-changer

Joe Klein, Time: Nothing here “that should change the current trajectory of the campaign.”

Byron York, The National Review: “Senator McCain is absolutely right …”

Wall Street Journal: “The difference are real …”

Slate: Tie goes to Obama

CNN: Both men beat expectation, but tie goes to Obama

David Gergen: No clear winner

Twitter: Everyone on the debate

Alassandra Stanley: A generational divide

Salon: No decisive slowdown

John J. Pitney, Jr., National Review: On appearances, McCain wins

Andrew Sullivan: Fox focus group gives it to Obama

Mark Halperin: Obama wins

Fact-checking the Debate Debate 1


2 Responses

  1. Grumpy Old Man McSame…he was so disrespectful, he never looked at Obama not even once..I think that is part of the reason McSame lost this debate with the American people. Besides that it was a tie.

    OBAMA 08′

  2. I still can’t believe that the fate of our country will be left in the hands of one of these retards! This country is facing the greatest economic threat that it has ever faced and neither one of these guys has a clue. McCain doesnt have the economic background to do squat. Obama will bleed our economy dry and push us closer to a socialist state. As the national debt increases so will inflation until wall street collapses. Ultimately the only person that could have really helped to get this country back on track was Ron Paul but no one wanted to hear what he had to say. In the end our country loses no matter who wins this election.

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