Catching Up On Newspaper News

It’s been a busy few weeks on the business beat, and we’ve neglected news in the world of newspapers. Here’s some quick hits to get caught up:

The New York Sun folds – The editors said the paper could not remain profitable, and this week was “one of the worst in a century in which to be trying to raise capital.” Its Web site features a retrospective of the paper’s seven-year lifespan.

The Chicago Tribune redesigns – Crain’s conducts a survey and find that most folks don’t like it. Video journalist Rob Montgomery asks readers what they think and gets mixed reviews.

The Online News Association shows off – Check this list of 10 innovations showcased at the group’s 2008 conference.

New award for newspaper bloggers – The National Society of Newspaper Columnists considers adding a blogging category to its annual awards.

The “Web-first” news strategy – Thanks to reader/blogger Simon Adams at Bloggasm for this tip: We noted controversy over the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Web strategy several weeks ago. Here’s a case study of the Bowling Green Daily News, which doesn’t have a “Web-first” strategy, and the reason is pretty simple:

Right now, our readers aren’t particularly Internet savvy. Many still use dial-up for Internet access. They generally only check their email a couple times a week. They don’t know much about what’s available online. They still depend heavily on the printed paper for their news.

But the editors realize that generation of reader is slowly falling away. Their thoughts, their situation, explained here.


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  1. >>The Chicago Tribune redesigns – Crain’s conducts a survey and find that most folks don’t like it. <<

    Yeah readers always love redesigns.

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