Tonight: Sarah Palin vs. Joe Biden in the Veep Debate

Happening tonight. While the debate party we attended last week was skewed toward Obamaniacs, tonight Laura and I will be hunkered down with some burgers and cheese dip at a watch party organized by McCain-Palin supporters. Should be fun.

Tomorrow morning around 6, I’m scheduled to be on “Today’s THV This Morning” with Charles Crowson to talk about the debate — some Friday-morning quarterbacking to take us into the weekend.

It goes without saying that this debate is the talk to the town, and might prove to be the ratings juggernaut that the Obama-McCain debate last week wasn’t. So what are they saying about Palin, Biden and tonight’s match-up?

Here goes …

From Arkansas

Key Palin accomplishments the media ignores [The Citizens Journal]

Working the ref: On Ifill and the debates [Arkansas Times]

Watch party at the West End! [Under the Dome]

The Sarah Palin Question

Women ex-governors divided on Palin [Politico]

Roger Simon: 10 Questions for Sarah Palin [Politico]

Past debates show Palin confident, fluent, vague [New York Times]

Palin at the debate: voters doubt her readiness [Associated Press]

Video: Palin’s greatest hits [Talking Points Memo]

The Joe Biden Factor

Biden is experienced in debates, but gets tripped up by spontaneity [New York Times]

Biden must stay in ‘comfort zone’ [Baltimore Sun]

Biden camp preps: gender not the issue [Washington Post]

Palin will use Biden’s own words against him [ABC News]

Biden has tendency to ‘talk forever,’ say ‘stupid’ things [The Weekly Standard]

The Debate

Politico’s Arena: How should Joe handle Sarah? How should Sarah handle Joe? What questions would you ask?

Does the veep race matter? Could affect the presidential race? [Politico]

Palin’s spin team: those on call for post-election spin [Hotline]

Watching a train wreck? Between Biden and Palin, the gaffes could pile up [Politico]

Veep candidates’ personalities fuel interest in debate [Hartford Courant]

Debate will test the mettle of Palin, Biden [San Francisco Chronicle]

Palin has to show understanding of issues; Biden has to connect [The New Republic]

The Moderator

Don’t blame Ifill if veep debate sucks [Slate]

Gwen Ifill’s impartiality questioned [Associated Press]

Ifill urged to step aside [Washington Times]

The Obamas: Portrait of an American Family [Essence]

McCain on Ifill: I wish they’d picked someone else [Politico via Huffington Post]


Idaho J-school Prof: Palin’s wrong about ethics [Portfolio]

Palin’s college daze: Why 5 colleges? [Slate]

Sarah Palin has nothing to lose tonight [Gawker]

Drinking game! [Wonkette]


4 Responses

  1. Why not question that the moderator, Gwen Ifill, of the upcoming Biden-Palin debate is pro-Obama. She wrote a book that praises Obama, obviously she will try her best to make Palin look bad in the debate Why couldn’t the moderator be more fair and bi-partisan?

    Why not make fun of Joe Biden, who thinks FDR was President in 1929, and thinks paying more taxes is patriotic?

  2. Ifill’s a lock. Too late to change now. And McCain looks weak for not calling for a change in moderator sooner. Not to mention his campaign was taken completely by surprise by the news of the book.

    And The AR Times gets it wrong. Can you imagine the uproar from the Obama camp if Brit Hume were set to moderate a debate and had a book ready to launch on the new feminism with a special focus on Sarah Palin?
    It’s not working the ref. It’s pointing out a foul on instant replay. It’s clear as day.

    It’s journalistic malpractice for Ifill to willingly go through with her moderating job tonight.

    But like I said, McCain threw up his white flag yesterday, why should Ifill feel any pressure to step aside?

  3. The Arkansas Times’ example of Bob Sheiffer, Bush’s “Texas pal,” moderating the 2004 debate as being a similar situation to this one seems a little thin.

    And, Matthew, part of me agrees to your point about Ifill. I hate to make a judgment without knowing more about what’s in the book. But insomuch as the book might sell better in light of an Obama victory, there’s probably enough of a case there to ask her to step down.

    But, like you said, it’s too late.

  4. […] Thoughts? Leave them in comments. Meanwhile, check out “Today’s THV This Morning” at 6 a.m. Friday, when I’m scheduled to talk to Charles Crowson about tonight’s debate. […]

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