McCain-Obama, Round 2: The Economy Dominates

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It was fitting, on a day that saw the Dow drop another 500 points amid frozen credit markets and investor fear, that John McCain and Barack Obama spent the first 45 minutes of their second 90-minute debate talking about our crumbling economy.

Family obligations kept me from seeing the event live, so I’ll have to make do with any replays I can catch and, of course, the liberal media to tell me what happened.

So far, here what I’ve found. Feel free to leave any comments, critiques on tonight’s action in comments.

AOL Poll

AOL Poll

In Arkansas

Blake Rutherford’s Twitterstream: “I miss Stockdale.” [Twitter]

“Advantage, Obama” [Blake’s Think Tank]

More spin [Blake’s Think Tank]

McCain “out of touch” [Arkansas Times]

More reaction, comments and McCain’s surprise “mortgage buy-up” plan [Arkansas Times]

Who won? David Kinkade did. He didn’t have to sit through it. [The Arkansas Project]


Lower than the veep, but higher than McCain-Obama I [The Live Feed]


The Debate: Politico’s best clips [Politico]

The one where he says “That one” [YouTube]

Video/transcript [New York Times]

Brokaw keeps ’em in line [Gawker]

Snub? [Gawker]

Just the Facts

Washington Post’s Fact Checker: “Obama claimed that the government had invented the computer in order to encourage scientists to communicate. He probably meant the Internet.” [Washington Post]

Reality check on the Town Hall debate [CBS News]

“McCain proposed to write down the amount owed by over-mortgaged homeowners and claimed the idea as his own: ‘It’s my proposal, it’s not Sen. Obama’s proposal, it’s not President Bush’s proposal.’ But the idea isn’t new. []

“Obama did, as McCain asserted, receive the second-highest amount of campaign contributions from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.” [NPR]

Other Analysis

Obama wins on visuals; on substance, a tie [Powerline Blog]

Uncommitteds: Obama won [CBS News]

McCain “erratic” [Political Wire]

Polls: Obama wins [Political Wire]

Obama leaves Nashville intact [Mark Halperin, Time]

The Rematch: How’d it go? [Arena @ Politico]

Stalemate Works to Obama’s Favor [CBS News]

Gergen: A Few Hits, Some Runs & No Major Errors [CNN]

McCain Was Good, but So Was Obama [National Review]

McCain’s Failed Debate Offensive [The Nation]

A Town Hall About Nothing [RealClearPolitics]

Dionne: Who Is the Real John McCain? [Washington Post]

McCain’s mortgage plan? Bad idea [Michelle Malkin]

Fred Barnes: the candidates on “autopilot” [The Weekly Standard]

Byron York: The Snoozer in Nashville [National Review]


The Fix: “My Friend! So it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end.” [Twitter]

CNN Political Ticker: Fact Check: Did Obama get second-most money from Freddie and Fannie? [Twitter]

Ana Marie Cox: “Our long national nightmare is almost over. Also? My friends.” [Twitter]

Live Blogs

Rex Nutting [MarketWatch]

Ben Smith [Politico]

Jonathan Martin [Politico]

The battle of Nashville [New York Times]

Andrew Sullivan [The Atlantic]

The boring debate [Wonkette]


Reuters/Zogby: Too close to call: Obama 47, McCain 45 [Zogby]

Real Clear Average: Obama +4 [Real Clear Politics]


Overhead projectors and more [TWS]

Candidate comics! [Newsarama]

From Newsarama

From Newsarama


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