McCain vs. Obama III: The Final Debate, Tonight

From Drudge

From Drudge

UPDATED: Watch live here.

I’ll do the best I can to muster one last burst of enthusiasm for tonight’s final presidential debate. It’s been a long slog to get to this point — two long years of myriad twists and turns — but we’re finally here. Now begins the final stage of his historic, unpredictable presidential campaign.

The line on tonight’s faceoff: John McCain has to do something big to make an impact and the stem the tide, which is breaking more and more for Barack Obama. Obama, meanwhile, has to remain the cool cat he’s been for the last few weeks. Don’t break a sweat, keep your eye on the ball and you’re golden.

McCain might try to get tough (his base certainly wants blood), but that carries lots of risks. We’ve heard tell that his going negative has hurt McCain in the last week, and Obama is all but daring McCain to mention Bill Ayers tonight in the hopes that it backfires (again).

But McCain relishes running as the underdog. And perhaps knowing that’s where he’s at going into the final debate will give him the charge he needs to make a splash.


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