McCain Goes on Offense in Final Debate with Obama

Ana Marie Cox, via Twitter

Ana Marie Cox, via Twitter

John McCain definitely kept Barack Obama on the ropes last night in their final scheduled presidential debate. McCain needed to make a splash, both to satisfy his base and somehow slow Obama’s momentum. He won some exchanges, and the “I’m not President Bush” line was solid.

Obama kept his cool, which was all he needed to do (he’s in the lead, after all), and even refused to take the bait on moderator Bob Schieffer’s question about whether the candidates’ respective vice presidential picks are qualified to be president. In fact, Obama might have a little too cool. Even on the point of Bill Ayers, which did come up, he didn’t strike back as forcefully as perhaps he should have.

And then there was Joe the Plumber. His full name is Joe Wurzelbacher, and yes, he’s a plumber from Toledo, Ohio. And his business is about to boom, thanks to this debate. Can Joe vote for both candidates? Just this once?

So who won? Vote below.

Say it’s Alright, Joe

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  1. Here’s a debate topic that was never covered, but I think has some interesting items:

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