The Think Tank on the Final Days, the Bradley Effect & More

Blake Rutherford’s Blake’s Think Tank blog is rocking today, and continues to be a choice go-to destination for local thought on the presidential race.

First, Rutherford explores just why the McCain campaign seems to so happy these days, with many polls (and, by extension) electoral scenarios, showing him as a longshot on Tuesday:

Polls do appear to be tightening in the states McCain has to win.  Polls released today show Obama up 4 in Pennsylvania, 1 in Indiana, 4 in Ohio, and 4 in Florida.  If I’m McCain – and considering where his campaign has been – I’m pretty fired up about those numbers.

Rutherford goes on to point out five things that could contribute to an Obama loss on Tuesday. Among them, a fizzling of the Youth Vote. This is supposed to finally be the Youth Vote’s year. Will they show? History says no.

Also on the Tank today: thoughts on the Bradley Effect. Is it real? Will it matter next week?

All that and more at Blake’s Think Tank.


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