In Arkansas Business: Jeff Hankins’ Election Predictions

My boss, Arkansas Business President and Publisher Jeff Hankins, is making Tuesday predictions in his regular column in this week’s edition of the weekly business newspaper.

You can read the full column here. In short, here’s what Jeff expects for tomorrow night, starting with the biggie:

First, Barack Obama will make history as the first African-American elected president in a race that was the Democrats’ to lose from the get-go in the face of a 100-year-flood-type economy and one of the least popular presidents ever. While John McCain will carry Arkansas with about 58 percent of the vote, Obama will win nationally in an electoral landslide because McCain ran a poor campaign and drove away independents in droves with the selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate.

Also: Jeff says Lt. Gov. Bill Halter’s lottery amendment will pass with 60 percent of the vote, 75 percent of voters will reject a measure seeking annual meetings of the state Legislature, and Republican State Sen. Gilbert Baker will hold his seat in a close race against Democrat Joe White in Faulkner County.

More from Jeff on politics, plus the economy, here.


Be sure to watch Jeff Hankins and I Tuesday night, as joins with Today’s THV for live coverage of the presidential race.


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