Barack Obama Wins Presidential Election

CNN, Tuesday night

CNN, Tuesday night

The president-elect, Barack Obama.

In Arkansas

The ultimate election-night liveblog at the Think Tank; the morning after

State election round-up; post-election blues; “oh the humanity!” from the Arkansas Project.

Congrats from Harrelson over at Under the Dome.

The Web

Is Obama President?

How Is Obama Doing?

OMG! Yes We Did – Tumblr, Robert Blake

Twitter Explodes with Congrats for “President Obama” – LA Times

Chicago Tribune

Chicago Tribune

Around the Country

71 Million Watch Election Coverage – Nielsen

Newspaper Front Pages –

Political Cartoons on the Obama Win – MSNBC

Obama Sweeps to Historic Victory – Weisman & Meckler, Wall Street Journal

From King to Obama, America Shows It Can Heal – John Kass, Chicago Tribune

Audacity Wins – Roger Simon, Politico

A New World Order – John Harris and Jim VandeHei, Politico

Yes, He Did – John Dickerson, Slate

America’s First Black President. What It Means – Henry Louis Gates Jr., Slate

Curtain Finally Falls on the Race – Ben Smith & Jonathan Martin, Politico

Decisive Win Gives Dems New Clout – Susan Page, USA Today

Which Barack Obama Will Govern? – Doyle McManus, Los Angeles Times

Forging a Conservative Agenda – Tony Blankley, Washington Times

Yes, It Is Time to Hope Again – E.J. Dionne, Washington Post

Republicans Got the Thumping They Deserve – Rod Dreher, NPR

The Resurrection of the American Dream – Gabor Steingart, Der Spiegel

Ten Questions For Election Day – Vaughn Ververs, CBS News


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