Acxiom’s John Meyer on Newspapers, the Internet, Advertising

John Meyer, the CEO of Acxiom Corp. of Little Rock, spoke to the Little Rock Rotary Club today. The speech focused on where the data services firm is heading after a tumultuous 2007, which saw a failed merger and the departure of its long-time CEO, Charles Morgan, and several top executives.

Among other topics, Meyer touched on his company’s new focus on interactive marketing services. He noted that conundrum for publishers about Web advertising vs. print advertising. While more people are more less time with online ads, advertisers are paying waaay less than what its worth:

Meyer said the amount of money being spent on newspaper advertising relative to the amount of time that consumers view that advertising is almost double. Consumers spend much more time looking at the Internet, but the proportion of advertising dollars being spent on Internet is less than half, he said.

“There’s a shift that’s going to occur from newspapers to Internet, and that’s where the advertising dollars are going to be spent because that’s where they can reach your eyeballs,” Meyer said.

Online advertising, he said, is the only area that is seeing growth. From 2006 to 2007 it grew 21 percent.

You can read more about Meyer’s speech on


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