Twitter, You’re Having the Best Week Ever! (In Little Rock)

So Little Rock finally gets Twitter. Or do they?

At the day job, I’ve set up Twitter news feeds for ( and ( And even Sports360’s High School Sports Editor Phil Seaton is getting in on the act, setting up his account at And there’s my personal feed here:

The Arkansas Times has started two Twitter feeds, one for its wildly popular Arkansas Blog, and another for its music blog, Rock Candies. And of course, there’s what KATV is doing here.

But I know what you’re thinking: WWJBD?

That’s, What Would John Brummett Do?

Funny you should ask. His column, today:

That’s this place on-line that you get to by, appropriately, typing Once registered, the idea is to put on-line a description of what you’re doing at that very moment so that your designated friends will know.

Headed to bathroom. Now in bathroom. Now washing hands. Can’t find towels. Now going to lunch. Think will have salad. Ranch dressing. Two croutons. Correx. Three croutons. Oops, iceberg leaf just fell off plate. She wasn’t bad-looking. Guy coughing. Don’t know Heimlich. He’s OK now.

I theorize that all of this reveals a fear of being alone in an increasingly frightful world, of being disconnected from comfortable associations. And I don’t think it’s just the younger people, either.

FYI: You won’t find us sending Twitter alerts about our bathroom habits. It’s all the news headlines and links you can stand. And it’s also an easy wait for our followers to drop us a line.

(As for Brummett’s theory, he might be onto something. Just this morning, the office Internet was down. The feeling of panic was palpable. And all was right with the world again once it was restored. Scary.)

Meanwhile, a less grizzled opinion of Twitter: Business Week’s editor-in-chief on why he Twitters. John Byrne’s Twitter account here.


My updated local Twitter directory after the jump. It includes local news media, bloggers and people I know.

Want me to add you to the list? E-mail me or message me on Twitter here.

News/News People – –

Phil Seaton –

Arkansas Times (Max Brantley) –

David Sanders –

Rock Candies –

Today’s THV, KTHV:


KLRT Fox 16 News:

The Log Cabin Democrat:


The Den:

Kelly Dudzik:

Sandra Kirk:

John Payne:

David Goins:

Mark Hengel:


Blake Rutherford:

David Kinkade (The Arkansas Project):

Jason Tolbert (The Tolbert Report):

Bryan Jones:

Doug Krile:

Pleth Networks, LLC Partner / Co-Founder Cotton Rohrscheib:


Tyson Foods:

Pleth Networks, LLC business partner Stephen Smart:

Arkansas Discovery Network:

Winthrop Rockefeller Institute:


Pat Ulrich –

Angel Galloway:

Karl Hills:

Kat Hills:

Mary Wagoner:

Adena J. White:


Emily Reeves:

Amanda Galiano:

Eric Britt:

Megan Knight:

Brent Birch:

Zack Hill:

Michael Paladino:

Mayor James F. Valley:

Anthony K. Valley:

John Boozman:


Duncan Baird:

Mitch Breitweiser:

Luke Williams:

Stacey Jones:

Cary Hague:

Brooke Vines:

Corey and Jay:


Leigh Ann Golden:

Elise Mitchell:

Natalie Ghidotti:

Vicki Malpass:

Jon Parham:

Waynette Traub:


The Obligatory Twitter Post


11 Responses

  1. Wow talk about not getting the point! I use twitter to drive readers and remind them I exist. I subscribe to get immediate updates from the most reliably interesting sources by device update and scan others later.

  2. Twitter is also a great resource for organizations, including churches. We use it consistently to communicate quick news to each other. I helped introduce a missionary in Central & Eastern Europe to Twitter recently, and she uses it to send out short prayer requests and other news related to their ministry there.

  3. I think the killer feature on Twitter is the option to have updates delivered to your cell phone. As a news junkie, you can pick and choose which updates you want to receive text messages about.

    Obviously, that can be use for other purposes to great effect, including how Jeff’s church was using it.

    That text messaging feature alone makes it worth it, to me.

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  9. hey lance, @alphagator doesn’t work any more, please remove it from your list.

  10. @jonny

    Fixed. I had removed from the Twitter guide page but forgot about doing it here. Thanks for the reminder!

  11. I think the admin of this web page is genuinely working hard in
    support of his web site, since here every information is quality based information.

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