E&P: Entire Star-Ledger Editorial Board Takes Buyout

Wow. The entire editorial board of the New Jersey Star-Ledger has taken buyouts.

From Editor & Publisher:

As The Star-Ledger of Newark, N.J. cuts 40% of its news staff through buyouts, it’s also losing its entire editorial board, according to John Farmer, the new editorial page editor.

Farmer, a 26-year veteran of the paper, confirmed that the board members had all taken the buyout.

Those include: Fran Dauth, former editorial page editor; Josh McMahon, Op-Ed page editor; Debra Jerome Cohen, deputy editorial page editor; board member Paul Wycoff; Joan Whitlow, columnist and board member; and Fran Wood, columnist and board member.

“I am going to have to rebuild all of it,” Farmer, 78, said about the editorial board. “I don’t look forward to that. I am losing some really good people.”

Farmer goes on to ponder the significance of a newspaper’s editorial voice in this day and age. “In most cases, I don’t think they have any weight. It has to be a hugely visible race with a significant historical difference. Then maybe an endorsement means something.”

I’ve always been an advocate for having a strong editorial voice at a newspaper. And I continue to read newspapers editorials (including our own at Arkansas Business and others in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette), but I wonder whether I’m in the minority.

In an age where shifting opinions are more prevelant than paralyzed fact, does the editorial page even matter anymore? Do you read newspaper editorials?

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