Talking Resumes and the Job Hunt on ‘First News with Bob Steel’



I’m scheduled to be on KARN Newsradio 920 (920 AM, 102.9 FM) at about 7:40 a.m. Monday during “First News with Bob Steel” to talk about resumes, job hunting and other tips from my career blog The Ladder. Given the current jobs situation, I’m sure it’s a topic of interest to a lot of people.

You’ll be able to listen live online here.

And as I’m making notes for tomorrow’s spot, I notice that experts are predicting a sour end to the week ahead, when the U.S. Department of Labor releases its November unemployement report. The forecast? A loss of 350,000 jobs nationwide, which would mark the biggest montly jobs loss since May 1980, when 400,000 jobs were shed.

That dire jobs forecast is among the reasons that analysts remain bearish on holiday sales. Preliminary reports show Black Friday sales up 3 percent from last year (when sales increased by 8 percent), with online sales up 1 percent. But will more job losses on the way, consumers will remain tight with that dollar.

Experts expect overall holiday sales to be down between 6 and 8 percent for November-January, the first contraction of holiday sales since the National Retail Federation began tracking it in 1992.

I’ll have more on holiday sales at 6:40 a.m. Monday on “Today’s THV This Morning.” Still to come, a more definitive report on weekend spending by the NRF.


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