Jeff Long Talks to Chris Bahn in This Month’s

Nice work, guys

Nice work, guys

Congrats the Arkansas Razorbacks on their big win on Friday over LSU. You can read more complete coverage of the game and its aftermath on our sports Web site,

Meanwhile, there’s more Hog coverage to chew on in the December print edition. Northwest Arkansas Editor Chris Bahn gets a sit-down with the new Hog-in-Chief Jeff Long. Bahn’s piece opens with a great anecdote about Long’s very first Hog call:

In his first act as athletic director, Long couldn’t afford to flub the most sacred tradition in Arkansas athletics. He took instruction on how to do it, ran through a couple trials and headed off to his introductory press conference.

More than a year later, he’s still not 100 percent confident in his ability to call the Hogs.

“I’m not sure I’ve got it totally down now,” Long says with a laugh. “Sometimes I come forward too quickly. It’s a work in progress for me.”

There’s more in the full cover story, available here. And in this sidebar, Long talks about the need for more transparency in the notoriously secret Razorbacks Foundation.

Long, on the cover

Long, on the cover

And then there’s this great cover shot of Long by Mike Pirnique, with Long rolling up his sleeves, ready to get to work.

Also this month:

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(Photo courtesy David Bazzel)


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