Fisher, Brummett To Talk New Media at SPJ Event

(Update: It’s on: The two face off at the Society of Professional Journalists meeting at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 9 at the Arkansas Press Association at 411 S. Victory in downtown Little Rock.)

This, from David Kinkade’s Arkansas Project. Kinkade was a guest for Kristin Fisher’s Daily Debrief, and files this note:

But I come back with a little nugget that may be of interest to those of you following the dispute between Fisher and newspaperman John Brummett as to the relative merits of new media in the news-gathering and reporting process: The local chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists has confirmed the two combatants for a friendly debate on the issue at their next meeting (time and location to come).

Fisher, you’ll remember, invited Brummett on the Debrief after Brummett grumbled about her “Choose Your News” segments on KATV, which incorporate all manner of new media, including Twitter, blogs and Webcams. Brummett had declined the invitation, but has since apparently changed his mind, according to David’s post.

Fisher and KATV’s CYN has generated buzz in the affiliate broadcasting community (it was featured on the Rundown, an industry news blog), and the Oracle of Journalism news and gossip, Romenesko, posted a link to coverage of Fisher and Brummett’s back-and-forth this week.

I Will Follow

KLRT on Twitter

KLRT on Twitter

KATV, of course, has to be loving the mentions their one-of-a-kind news feature has been generating. I’d love to see the traffic numbers the CYN page has been getting. Fisher has 208 followers on Twitter (the KATVNews account has 260), and her most recent “Choose Your News” vote generated 3,136 votes, a record for the segment.

Meanwhile, others in local news are using Twitter more and more. David Goins, a reporter with KLRT-TV, Channel 16, the local Fox affiliate, has supplemented his on-air reports with news nuggets he picks up during reporting, and he’s been known to Twitter from state Capitol news conferences and meetings.

KLRT’s own Twitter feed, meanwhile, has 179 followers. Like KATV (and, the Log Cabin Democrat, and KARN for that matter), KLRT uses pushes news headlines and story links (many via RSS) to its Twitter followers, who get the alerts via Twitter desktop clients like Twhirl or, if enabled, via SMS to their cellphones.

After the jump, a quick round-up of active Arkansas news organization Twitter feeds and their current follower count. Please let me know if I’ve missed any.

KATV – 260 followers

KLRT – 179

KARN – 65 – 88 – 19

The Arkansas Blog – 143

The Log Cabin Democrat – 111


My unofficial Arkansas Twitter directory

Me on Twitter

One Tweet Over the Cuckoo’s Nest – Whole Brevity Thing


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