David Sanders, Now on Twitter

Sanders doth Twitter

Sanders doth Twitter

We’re happy to add Arkansas News Bureau columnist David J. Sanders to our official unofficial Arkansas Twitter directory.

Sanders signed on to the micro-blogging service a day before Halloween, which should scare the beejeezus outta Twittering Arkansas liberals everywhere. The conservative’s first Tweet? “I’m on Twitter because of peer pressure.”

Subsequent tweets have noted Sanders’ KARN appearances, new columns and so far one interesting rumor: That Arkansas Farm Bureau President Stanley Reed (who’s also on the board of Simmons First National Corp. of Pine Bluff) might be considering a run vs. Sen. Blanche Lincoln.*

Keep ’em coming, David!

Follow Sanders here.

(* UPDATED 12/16/08: A rumor, after all: John Brummett talks to Reed, who denies plans for a run.)


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