The Economy, the Auto Bailout and the Legislative Session on ‘Arkansas Week’

Me and my big head on AW

Me and my big head on AW

Sigh. Whether I’m delivering business news headlines on “Today’s THV This Morning” or “Today’s THV at Noon,” or appearing on AETN’s “Arkansas Week,” one thing’s for sure: I’m usually the bearer of bad news.

AW host Steve Barnes sensed my glum disposition on this week’s show, which airs at 8 p.m. on your local AETN affiliate (you can listen to the MP3 of the show here).

We focused a lot on the failed auto manufacturer bailout bill in Senate, as well as the possible repercussions that could be felt in Arkansas should any one of the Big Three go bust in the next couple of weeks.

Also on the docket: layoffs, foreclosures in Arkansas, a controversial energy plant and a governor who can’t do a thing about, as well as Arkansas legislators trying to make up their minds just how often they’ll meet.

So settle in tonight as we hash it all out with Jay Barth of Hendrix College and Hoyt Purvis of the University of Arkansas. A feel free to pour up a stiff drink. You might need it.


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