E&P: Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Employees Get Christmas Bonuses

From Editor & Publisher, some Christmas cheer for the newspaper industry, straight outta Arkansas. The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, which hasn’t been immune to industry woes, has given its employees Christmas bonuses this year:

“We wouldn’t want to disclose the exact amount, but it is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars company-wide,” Democrat-Gazette Publisher and Wehco owner Walter E. Hussman Jr. told E&P.

The Little Rock paper and its siblings still have a hiring and salary freeze, but continued its tradition of the year-end bonus for all company employees.

“It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas over here,” Executive Editor Griffin Smith said in a Friday memo to Hussman as checks were being distributed in the newsroom.

See, it ain’t all bad.

Hussman, of course, was E&P’s Publisher of the Year. With this move, given the state of newspapers, he might very well repeat in ’09.


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