’s 2008 Most-viewed Stories

Arkansas Business’ new edition tomorrow is our annual double-issue look back at the year in business. Among other stories, the editors round up the best and worst of 2008 and name the year’s 10 most important stories.

As editor of, I rounded up the stories readers deemed most important, to present this look at the top 10 most-viewed online articles. Below is a sneak peak at the list, linked to the original stories. Click here to see all 10.

1.)    John Glasgow Letter Shows Strained Relationship Between Dillard’s, CDI

2.)    KATV’s Anne Pressly Attacked in Home

3.)    FCC Gives Final Approval to Alltel-Verizon Merger

4.)    Who Pays $1 Million for a Home?

5.)    Dillard’s Store Closings May Not End Troubles

The top 10 list is based on the number of page views from Jan. 1 to Dec. 16, just before going to press on the 18th.

It’s always interesting to dig into Google Analytics and see what stories attract reader interest. This year’s list contained a mix of Web-only, big breaking news stories — a couple a little outside the bounds of what you might consider traditional “business” news — along with in-depth features and longer news stories generated for the weekly newspaper.

Of course, there’s the usual divide between what editors deem important and what ultimately draws readers, as you’ll see after checking out the editor’s top 10. Absent from the “popular” list: ANB Financial, a new Wal-Mart CEO and anything having to do with the University of Central Arkansas. But so goes the nature of “news” on the Web.

(I should add that UCA and related search terms are still among the top ways people find my personal blog, even though I’ve only occasionally written on the topic. Maybe I should expand the UCA beat.)

Finally, it’s worth noting that certain site sections, including our annually updated profiles of Arkansas’ “40 Under 40” and the relatively new “Power List” feature continued to be popular with readers.

Later this week, more from Arkansas Business’ year-end review, as well as a look back at 2008 on the Lance Turner blog.


Arkansas Business Publisher Jeff Hankins reviews the highs and lows of 2009

Arkansas Business’ year-end double issue hits the Web here tomorrow


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