Photo of the Day: Sanders, On Point, at Joint Energy

Sanders, on the hill Wednesday

Sanders, on the hill Wednesday

Arkansas News Bureau columnist David Sanders was at the state Capitol on Wednesday to attend the off/on-again/delayed Joint Energy Committee meeting, featuring testimony related to the Arkansas Governor’s Commission on Global Warming (or, yes, ARGOCOGLOWARM).

Sadly, no live Twittering from Sanders, but Tolbert Report blogger Jason Tolbert was there to provide a quick, bloggy synopsis of the proceedings.

You can see Sanders’ body of work on the commission, which he considers an outright scam, here, here, here, here and here. We’re sure he’ll hold forth later on this meeting and its aftermath, making the global warming commission the subject of his sixth (!) consecutive column.

David, congratulations! You’ve found the object of your own Brummett-esque Twitter/Kristin Fisher obsession, ARGOCOGLOWARM. Be nice, and treat it well. It won’t always be around.

(Photo courtesy Jason Tolbert.)


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