Sanders: Budget, Budget, Budget, Budget on ‘Arkansas Week’

Thanks to Kinkade, this shows up for DeMillo in a Google image search

Thanks to Kinkade*, this shows up for DeMillo in a Google image search

I’m not on “Arkansas Week” week this week, so it might actually be worth watching! Lots of talk of about the 87th General Assembly, naturally, including everything about Gov. Mike Beebe’s budget plan, which calls for a 56-cent cigarette tax hike (+ $88 million!) and a 1-cent reduction in the state grocery tax (- $30 million!).

But why listen to me? Here’s a show synopsis from one of the panelists, Arkansas News Bureau columnist David Sanders:

Superstar host Steve Barnes leads a riveting discussion about Gov. Mike Beebe’s tax-and-spend scheme for health care, his penny cut in the grocery tax and what, if anything, happened with the lottery. Panelists Doug Thompson, David J. Sanders and “AW” virgin Andrew DeMillo are on hand for that and more …

“Tax-and-spend scheme.” Sanders, you conservatives never miss a chance to take a shot, do you? In other news: DeMillo! The AP’s superstar Capitol machine makes his “Arkansas Week” debut. If that doesn’t get your DVRs humming, I’m not sure what will.

Check it out, 8 p.m. on your local AETN affiliate. Here’s MP3 audio of the show.


Doug Thompson blogs and, for brownie points, Twitters! Scoop!

(* Here.)


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  1. Wow, Andrew must have been working out. Either that or looks REALLY different in a suit.

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