Blogging the Inauguration

The DG blogs the inaugural. Historic!

The DG blogs the inaugural. Historic!

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette is getting all bloggy to cover the historic inauguration of the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama. The newspaper fronts Jennifer Godwin’s blog at

From Godwin’s inaugural inauguration post:

This is doubtless the most significant event I will ever get to cover. And cover I will!

And read we will!

Meanwhile, the other Arkansas inaugural blogger-to-watch, Blake Rutherford, files this dispatch just before catching a delayed flight to D.C.

Weapons of choice

Weapons of choice

In true Think Tank fashion, Blake’s mounting a multi-pronged New Media offense on this unsuspecting inauguration, deploying wall-to-wall coverage across Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and the blog.

And with a Batman-like utility belt packed with all these toys (two Blackberries!), this ceremony will never know what hit it.

Blake, hope you also packed some CuddlDuds. Brrrr.

Good luck to both of you!

(Side note: Drinking game: Take a shot every time someone says “historic” this week. You’ll be blind by Tuesday morning!)


Flickr’s Inauguration Photo Pool


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